Pamela Ross Photography

Pamela Ross Photography

Greetings, I'm Pamela! Im 20 years old and i enjoy photography as a hobby while trying to be an adult in the big scary real world. Feel free to drop me an ask, critisism or just say hi! I dont bite!Pamela x
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I know I keep coming on here and saying I’ll start uploading stuff eventually, and here I am saying it again.
I’ve had a hard last few months so I’ve had no motivation or money for photography.
BUT! (here it comes)
I will be coming into money at the end of this month :D (I finally have a proper job) so I’ll be buying a camera ASAP because I really need a reason to get out of the house that isn’t just me going to work haha!
Pamela x

Long time no see

So it’s been months since I’ve uploaded anything or even been on this blog haha. I still really love photography though, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t have a camera.
I’ve been thinking I should be doing it with my phone and doing the whole ‘androidography’ thing haha ;) if it’s the only way to keep my blog up and running I don’t really have a choice :P I will have a new camera by the summer, I swear it ;)
Pamela x

Rain and Rainbows
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